Kat Hernden

Artist Statement

I make art because if I don’t, I am a miserable fuck.   I know this to be true because for most of my adult life I didn’t make art.  I surrounded myself with artists; I watched them longingly with their portfolios when I was at university studying to become something “practical”; I even married one.  But, I didn’t dare admit that I, too, was a closeted artist. It wasn’t until I found myself sitting in my therapist’s office, faced with the reality of a fairly crushing depression (which is the natural outcome of being a creative person who isn’t creating) that I finally “came out” and faced the reality of who I really am.  On the advice of said therapist (which I heavily questioned by the way: “What do you mean I should quit my secure and comfortable teaching position at 40-years-old and start painting with no formal education in visual arts??!!”) I removed the golden handcuffs and picked up a paintbrush.  

Geometry comes naturally to me.  Patterns are everywhere; in nature, in architecture, on bathroom floors…  They make sense to me. They imbue this seemingly chaotic and mad world with structure and order and I adore them.  Adding thread to the canvas was a natural progression since I have been prolific in the needle arts since childhood, and I thrive on the meditative, repetitive quality of hand sewing.  

Sometimes I feel small or overwhelmed or insignificant. Making art reminds me that I, you, we all have something meaningful and beautiful to contribute to this unendingly vast and creative universe. Putting something into the world that wasn’t there before is my small homage.


Kat Hernden studied Semiotics, Media Analysis and Communications, English and Education at the University of Toronto.  She is a member of the Art District Gallery where she shows new work every six weeks.  She is also a member of Art$pay and Button Factory Arts.  Kat currently lives, mothers, teaches and creates in Downtown Kitchener.  


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